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New window splicer
New servo control printing registration unit
New four color offset envelope printing machine
Machnie Relocation
Machine Relocation
W+D 102
Rebuiding & Upgrade
Servo-control module for pre-print
Working for US Cutomer.

A method of transmitting documents electronically has significantly affect the amount of manufactured envelopes in the world. However, for a long time envelope in its original form will serve transmitting information, documents or ads. You can also see the lack of purchasing new production lines by manufacturers of envelopes. Factories are being closed by the large producers groups. As for now German factory Winkler + D√ľnnebier celebrates its one hundred anniversary of the company.

In a period of increased production released hundreds of machines on the market , one of the most popular is the machine W & D 102 allows production of envelopes with the role . At present there is no demand for new machines , but there is demand for production lines from the secondary market . The new line able to produce at a rate of 800 K / min after a certain time due to worn- productivity drops to 500 k / min .

The reason for this are , among others, vacuum cylinders which in their primary structures do not maintain adequate intake of preventing the same holding an envelope in the production . In addition, numerous clearances for transmission systems drives cause irregularity of the target product . The company W & D in their solutions utilized cardan shafts and gear drives manifolds . In the last century were a very popular solution , but posing a lot of operational problems and costly repairs.

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