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W&D Envelope Machines

Technomatic an envelope machines all in one shop for repairs and upgrades, we have over 20 years of experience which can help you to maintain your envelope business and high standard. We offer complete services range for the envelope industry. We are focues on worldwide trading, purchasing and selling of used envelope machines along with it's repairs and beyond competition's abilities upgrades.

We'll supply you with any spare parts, dies, glues and any supply that you may need for running business of envelope machines.

Obiviously we offer full range of services, including reconditioning and upgrading of used envelope machines; on-site equipment installation (dismantling, rigging and shipping); new plant start-ups and on-site operator training. We offer envelope machines as is, cleaned and checked or reconditioned.

We specialize in the comprehensive renovation and modernization of production lines, mainly for W&D (Winkler+Dünnebier). We also undertake the relocation of equipment, from the dismantling of the production line and its transportation to the new location, to the rebuilding of the machine and the start-up of operations with trained operators.

We are also involved in the construction of prototype solutions. At the customer's request, we can develop and present construction equipment and machinery concepts. We can also rebuild old drive systems by adding functionality and the reliability of modern solutions.


Our main goal is to keep very high (or the highest) standards.

Read more information about us or check our services section to check our achievements and undergoing projects.

249 Cross Scoring

To improve the quality of your envelopes we will change the position of the Cross Scoring section, and provide the Cross Scoring section with the latest Mitsubishi servo technology and synchronize the encoder to the knife format. The original Cross S...

Upgrade Printing Tower 4 colour with 4 -2 Servo

Our upgrade kit consists of the following equipment: 4 Servos, 1 per print section and 2 servos for web tension. 4 Servomotors and 4 inverters (1 for each Print Section).   1 Servomotor and inverter before printing for web tension control 1 Servomoto...



W+D 326 Classic Refurbished

Dismantling of the complete machineCleaning, sandblasting frame, modules and paintingRepainting of the FrameReplace - recondition all gears and cylindersReplace all bearings (SKF)Replace all rubber rolls / cylinders Reassemble machine

Stork ContiWeb Upgrade kit

Upgrade package for your Stork Contiweb splicer to eliminate the existing electronic problems and the difficulty to find spare parts. Resulting in a gain of production efficiency and reliability. Change and reinstall the paper roll drive and web tens...

Upgrade for Stork ContiWeb

W+D Upgrade Cross Scoring

Upgrade Cross Scoring for W+D 249

Upgrade for Cross Scoring Tower

Upgrade Main Engine W+D 102

Winkler + Dünnebier Machines

W+D Helios 102
Envelope Machine