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Upgrade Cross Scoring for W+D 249


To improve the quality of your envelopes we will change the position of the Cross Scoring section, and provide the Cross Scoring section with the latest Mitsubishi servo technology and synchronize the encoder to the knife format.

The original Cross Scoring section of the 249 is placed between the separating cutting section and the bottom flap folding section causing paper jam, crash ups and imprecise score.

The original Cross Scoring section does not allow the machine adjusters to easily set the scoring shaft pressures to give a good quality product at higher speeds.

To avoid those problems the Technomatic Cross Scoring unit is placed between the printing section and the form cutting section of the W+D 249 and synchronised with the format knife. The Technomatic Cross Scoring unit will significantly improve the quality of your products and will reduce quality variations to achieve your customer quality specifications.


  • Remove the current Cross Score blade.
  • Install the Technomatic Cross Scoring unit, driven by Mitsubishi Servo-motors and encoder in front of the machine
  • Synchronize encoder with format knives.
  • Install touchscreen control panel.

The Technomatic Cross Scoring unit is prepared and tested at Technomatic before shipping and installation at the customers.

The installation can then be planned in agreement with the customer.

To avoid production interuption, if possible, the installation can be done over the weekend. 


1 Year warranty for Technomatic parts and labour

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