Technomatic Envelope Machine Repair


Upgrade for Cross Scoring Tower


The Cross Scoring section and folding blade sections are removed to create a flat paper web path, increasing accuracy and running speed.

The Cross Scoring section is moved to the beginning of the machine as stipulated in the offer Point 3.

Glue guns for side flap gumming; we transfer your existing glue guns to the new flat web section.

The side flaps folding guide are redesigned for flat web running.

To improve the web tension the pull rollers will be driven by an individual Mitsubishi servo-motor, maintaining a perfect stable paper web tension.


Inconvenience: latex gumming is no more applicable

New parts are prepared and tested at Technomatic before shipping and installation at the customer.


The installation can then be planned in agreement with the customer.

To avoid production interuption, if possible, the installation can be done over the weekend. 


1 Year warranty for Technomatic parts and labour


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