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Upgrade Printing tower 4 Colours


Our upgrade kit consists of the following equipment:

4 Servos, 1 per print section and 2 servos for web tension.

  1. 4 Servomotors and 4 inverters (1 for each Print Section).  
  2. 1 Servomotor and inverter before printing for web tension control
  3. 1 Servomotor and inverter after printing for web tension control
  4. Complete electrical wiring
  5. PLC for in- and output control & motion control
  6. Camera for print quality control
  7. Encoder for synchronization with W+D 102
  8. Touchscreen panel for parameter control
  9. Software development and programming
  10. EWON internet connection module 

The installation can then be planned in agreement with the customer.

To avoid production interuption, if possible, the installation can be done over the weekend. 


1 Year warranty for Technomatic parts and labour

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