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Pre-print Register Control


Register control for processing of pre-printed rolls package WD 102, 202, 249. (On demand for 527, 627…)

Our electronic register system package for processing pre-printed paper rolls allows you to produce envelopes with a register accuracy of +/- 0.5 mm between the print image and the envelope format. The register control system changes the paper length depending on the register mark on the pre-printed roll, so that the position of the registration mark on the envelope is kept consistent. The package includes 3-servo motors, PLC and touch screen control panel. By using the control panel you can change the formats. The package includes the necessary hardware components, as well as software adapted to your machine.



  • Progressive servo-technology
  • No more maintenance-intensive PIV gearbox.
  • Customer benefits
  • Wider range of products for your clients
  • Enlargement of the capability of your machine

The installation can then be planned in agreement with the customer.

To avoid production interuption, if possible, the installation can be done over the weekend. 


1 Year warranty for Technomatic parts and labour

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